The Strength of a Resolution is Only as Strong as the Intention

Here we are, a few weeks into January in this beautiful new year and I'm wondering how everyone else is doing with their resolutions.  

Are some of you going hard and staying strong in your resolve?  Are others already moving past their January 1 goals?  Perhaps some of you opted out of the resolution thing altogether this year (a completely reasonable thing to do)

One thing I've noticed this week is that the gym is CRAZY busy!  And people are serious about their workouts!  As with most years, by mid-February or March, things will settle a bit.  People will move on, make other choices, give up.  

Each year I wonder, why do people really do that?  The same people who will come in full force and make sure their yoga mat is front. and. center. are many times the same people who in a matter of weeks will stop showing up.  

Now don't get me wrong, I think change can be an excellent thing.  It's a reality of life and can bring about...

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