Spin Class as Life

Over the last few years I have really gotten into spinning, you guys.  I’ve got the shoes and everything- well, minus the pants with the butt padding :) 


Right before the holidays, I joined a new gym and have been getting my money’s worth. Last week I went to a class with an instructor I hadn’t taken from before. He’s a pretty big deal, but I was skeptical. I’ll admit, it was a good class and he is a good instructor, but what hit me was the full on life lessons from that spin class.  I’m not even sure he meant to impart these nuggets of wisdom, but through my panting and silently cursing, I realized that the class was a metaphor for my life right now. And it gave me hope and renewed courage. 


The premise of this ride was this: there will be some hills, there will be tough times, and easy ones where you can catch your breath. I’m not going to tell you how long and hard you have to push, but you must trust me to guide you and believe that you are stronger than you know. When it gets really hard, refocus, adjust your form and know that your body is capable. You are capable. 


Now, if that’s not a lesson for my life right now I don’t know that is. 


What I’m saying is: the road of your life will be a lot of different things. Sometimes you’ll have to struggle, and you may not know for how long. But when it gets hard - especially when it gets hard - breathe deep, refocus your form, stay in it and trust yourself. 


And just like that, the class was done. I was exhausted and stronger than ever at the same moment. 

Lindsay Rider2 Comments