Why I spend New Year's Day Alone

I like to spend New Years' Day mostly alone.  The first day of every new year I have this practice, which I absolutely love and have found to really get me in a great place as I look ahead.  It's a two-part process:

- first, I take a clean piece of paper (or comp document) and open up my Google calendar.  I scroll all the way back to the beginning of the last year, and week by week I go through and look at what I've done.  Then on that clean piece of paper I write down (sometimes painstakingly) what happened each month.  What milestones did I reach, who was I dating, what friends did I see, what trips did I go on - so many moments and choices make up a year.  I go through and document each and every one of them.  Some big events, some very tiny, but all important.  I write each down with its corresponding month, and when I'm through the year, I take a look at the year in retrospect.  I take stock of all that I accomplished, the slips I had, the lessons I learned, the memories I created.  Each year I can't help but be anything but grateful.

- second, I look to my trusty journal with my pink paper clip holding my place :)  I sit some place quiet and calm and really think through how I want to feel in the coming months.  I don't think so much about what I want, but more, really, what feelings do I want to have this year.  As with anything, I force myself to get very specific here.  So for instance, it's not: "I want to feel skinnier" (rolls eyes)  It's: "I want to feel that my core strength is greater and that I am more conscious of my daily posture and how that shifts my life".  Inevitably, this practice of writing these specific things down gets me to a place where I've addressed and set intention for every area of my life.  Health, friendships, romance, finances, career, travel....

After I'm done, I gotta tell you, I feel so great!  And I'm pretty sure it's not because of the wine ;)


This practice I hold sacred each and every year because it helps me to begin by being intimately acquainted with myself again.  Let's face it - the holidays are always a blur!  So much to do it's hard to take a breath sometimes!  This practice always helps me to acknowledge and be proud of where I've been, and get really excited about all that's to come.


Here's to intention! 

Lindsay Rider2 Comments