How're those resolutions coming along?

Well, would you look at us, coming around to the close of January 2018!  Can't believe that just ONE week from today we'll be in FEBRUARY already!

How’ve things been going for you? (I'd love to know!)  For me it's been an interesting journey.  I decided to take a little trip to warmer-than-NYC-Florida not too long ago (more on that to come) to defrost and get centered.  During one of my day-trips I came across this delightful mug - It reminded me that we all need to give ourselves a little break now and again.


Now's about the time when resolutions from the beginning of the New Year can get a bit stale, so I’d like to propose a new strategy: 


How about instead of beating yourself up about not keeping that resolution, you re-resolve.

What if you took a look at those resolutions and then adjusted them to fit what makes sense moving forward? 

Look, life is an ever-changing amoeba. Your activities and goals should shift to align with where you are right now.

Did you try that new thing and it didn’t feel right- let it go.

Promise yourself you’d work out every morning only to find you do so much better at the end of the day- switch it up! 


A good friend pointed out the other day that a theme for me right now will be “shift”. I would love to hear- what can you shift in your own life- and more importantly- why?


Leave a comment and lmk. I just adore these convos and think we can really help each other! 


Let's see it done!


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