Learning my own lessons

Well here we are!  This is my very first 'what I'm saying is' and I have to admit that I'm a mix of a few emotions!  Here we go!

When thinking through what to write here that would be of any value, I thought it would be best to just be totally honest with how I'm doing lately - the insider scoop.  And here's the honest truth...for the first time in a long while, I really don't know what's going to happen next.  A few days ago there was an absolutely horrific shooting in Las Vegas, a place I've visited only once, but felt the unique energy for sure.  Not too long before that, natural disasters and extreme weather were being reported right and left, and changing lives all around me.  

It's been a heck of a few weeks....months...almost year.  

When I feel super out of control and not grounded I always call on a few key friends to remind me who I am and where I'm going.  This time, one friend in particular said "you need to Overture yourself" and she was so right.  She laid on some tough love and really asked me to take a spoonful of my own medicine...and darn it if it didn't work!  

I knew that I have a few go-to's:  being outside (jogging is ideal), talking with friends, meditating and then treating myself to some super yummy, clean food.  If I can mix a little singing in there too it's a foolproof solution.  So that's what I set out to do that afternoon not too long ago.  

After doing these things that I know work for me, I not only felt so much better overall, but felt so uplifted by the reminder that while I have basically no control over many things around me and in the world, I absolutely do have control over how I react.  

Also!  Overture works, man!  These practices, lifestyle habits and daily reminders, not to mention the amazing relationships I've built really do change your life. 

At the end of it, although I'm still out of control and couldn't tell you exactly what's on the horizon, I know that I'm grateful,..just to be here to write this and encourage you (and myself in the process) to remember these things and honestly truly live from that place. 

So what I'm saying is: One step at a time.  Each one with love.

Now I'd LOVE to hear from you guys!  What are your go-to's?  Let's help each other!  How have you been coping with all the world is dealing with?  Leave a comment below or feel free to reach out directly if you'd prefer.

Until next time...

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